About Us

Creating the

Xperience +

We are hyper focused on a new and refreshing perspective for shoppers while driving growth for our brand partners.


Consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting or relevant.


Consumers want products and brands that align with their beliefs, and are willing to pay a premium.


Retail eCommerce sales will come through social media channels, with shopping social networks forecasting to account for roughly $284B in annual sales.
Our story so far...
Founder Round
January 2020


Established our team, mission and vision. Refined the product concept and design for the experience we are looking to deliver.
F+F Round
December 2020

warming up

Launched Shopavize MVP Beta Xperience. A proof of concept to understand the market appetite for shopping different.
Series A
March 2021

making progress

Started development of the mobile app for iOS and Android. Established key technology platform partnerships to deliver the full vision.
Pre Seed
October 2021

getting serious

Opened early access sign up for amazing customer centric brands, influencers and new users.